Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Directory Listing

If you are looking into a wedding directory and creating a listing, whether it is a free listing or a paid listing, there are some aspects you will want to consider when doing so. Utilizing a wedding directory is a great way to get your business name out onto the market as well as drive sales or clicks to your site. No matter what aspect of the wedding industry you are in, a wedding directory listing can be extremely beneficial.

When you first make a listing, you need to spend time doing it. Although creating a listing does not take much time to do many people only include one piece of information; usually a link to the business site. Technically this could get traffic to your site just by default but there are better ways to get more out of your listing.

When it comes to your business name, make sure you do not forget any formalities such as Inc., LLC, etc. Not only is it legally correct, it also shows a level of professionalism. For those that have a store front, include other contact information such as your address in the event that the couple would prefer to come to a store front. Every other vendor should include a phone number in their listing as well. In some cases, people will not deal with someone who does not have a phone number listed due to the fact that it is usually a forewarning of bad customer service.

If there is a section to place specific information about the services your company provides, utilize that space. Make sure it is used wisely; many companies either fill up the space with useless fluff or forget to include what the services actually are because they assume the reader knows. Never assume people know your services and hone in on the important things like what makes your company stand out from the rest, customer service levels you provide and more. A customer wants to be provided with good services, but they also want to know if something was to go wrong, the company would be there to fix it.

The listing is also a great opportunity to add a coupon. Most businesses can create a 10-15% off coupon that without it creating a huge impact on profit. Using a coupon entices a couple to look farther into your services rather than someone who does not have a discount. When it comes to weddings, couples look everywhere to save. Finally, do not forget your link. There is usually a dedicated place to put a link but in the event there is not, don't forget to put it there. This provides a great one way linking opportunity.

There are other ways you can benefit from a wedding directory such as advertising on the site and narrowing in on your target market. Couples looking on wedding directories are looking for a service from vendors. You can advertise by standing out in the crowd with a featured listing or even buying ad space on the side, top and bottom navigation areas.

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